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The KLR650 has a loyal following of riders who appreciate its ruggedness, dependability, and versatility. It has a fuel-injected 652cc engine that delivers smooth and consistent power, making it a great choice for long-distance rides. The bike has a large 6.1-gallon fuel tank, which means that riders can go further without needing to stop for fuel. The KLR650 also has a comfortable riding position, which is ideal for long rides.

A wide range of parts and accessories are available at Xitomer, allowing you to customize your KLR650 to suit your individual needs and preferences.

When it comes to KLR650 accessories, one popular accessory is the crash bars, which offer additional protection to the bike in case of a fall or accident. Xitomer KLR650 crash bars are made of high-quality iron and are designed to absorb the impact of a crash, protecting the bike’s vital components. 

Another popular accessory is the skid plate, which is essential for off-road riding. Xitomer KLR650 skid plate is designed to protect the bike’s engine and underside from rocks, debris, and other hazards that riders may encounter while off-roading. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions.

Other popular KLR650 accessories include pannier racks, fender eliminators, and windshields. Pannier racks are ideal for riders who need to carry additional gear and equipment on their adventures. Windshields risers are essential for long-distance rides, as they offer additional protection from wind and debris. To get the best out of your windscreen recommends the use of Xitomer windscreen Risers. It can help you to raises your windshield to a good amount and reduces buffeting.

Xitomer offers you much more than that, also offer other KLR650 parts nad accessories, such as the firing bolts kit, Supplemental Tool Kit, Axle Wrench, Rotor Holder Wrench, Balancer Idle Lever & Spring, and so on.

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