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Motorcycle Fender Eliminator

A motorcycle fender eliminator is a crucial part of any motorcycle. It is a small but important part that holds the license plate in place and helps keep it secure while riding. In many countries, the law also requires that you have a proper license plate holder on your motorcycle. In many countries, it is also required by law to have a proper license plate holder on your motorcycle.

There is a wide variety of license plate holders on the market today for motorcycle riders to choose from, ranging from basic and functional to stylish and custom. There are all kinds of shapes and materials available, which makes it difficult for riders to choose. Here, we recommend that you focus on the size and compatibility of the license plate when choosing a fender eliminator. Some tail tidies are designed specifically for certain motorcycle models, so it is important to make sure that they are compatible with your motorcycle before you buy them, not only considering just the model but also the year.

In addition, Another important factor to consider is the material used to make the license plate holder. Common materials used today include aluminum, stainless steel and materials. Plastic license plate holders are light weight and cheap, but not as durable and strong as those made of metal. So it is recommended to buy aluminum or stainless steel.

When Xitomer designs fender eliminator, we not only pay close attention to whether the fender eliminator is compatible with your motorcycle, but also consider its usability. We will refer to the measurement of each motorcycle and consider whether it is necessary to use our license plate lights and turn signals in conjunction with the circuit design of the motorcycle. And our tail tidies are basically made of 3.0mm T6-5052 aluminum with powder coated surface. So our license plate holders are light in weight but high in strength, not easy to wear, and corrosion resistant, long lasting and durable. We are committed to provide you with a perfect license plate holder.

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