Top 10 Must-Have Mods or Accessories for Your Suzuki DR650: Elevate Your Off-Road Adventure

When it comes to off-road motorcycles, the Suzuki DR650 is a beast of a machine. With its rugged and stable design and reliable engine, it can handle even the toughest terrain. The stock DR650 can take you on months or years of adventurous traveling with satisfaction. It’s definitely an excellent traveling companion. But as rider’s riding skills improve and you travel more kilometers off-road, it need to be equiped with the right accessories and modifications to take full advantage of the motorcycle’s performance. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 must-have modification or accessories for the Suzuki DR650, ranging from essential protective gear to performance-enhancing upgrades. At the same time, we don’t recommend that you do all the modifications at once. Some of the modifications mentioned in this article may not be suitable for you, or you don’t need to do them at the moment. You can add these accessories one by one, or others as you feel necessary. In any case, the modifications are service for you and your ride.

  • 1. Pumper Carb: MakeDR650 stronger and more powerful

DR650 is one of the few left still being made with a carb. The stock carb is generally a constant velocity (CV) carburetor, which, while reliable and capable, has some limitations compared to pumper carburetors. A pump carb delivers fuel more directly and quickly than a CV carburetor. This results in a more timely and responsive throttle response, especially for off-road riding or situations requiring rapid acceleration. On top of that, pump carburetors atomize fuel more efficiently, leading to a more complete and efficient combustion process. This can result in smoother engine operation and may even improve fuel economy. By providing a richer and more immediate fuel mixture, pump carburetors can enhance overall engine performance. This includes potential increases in horsepower and torque, making the motorcycle stronger and more powerful.

  • 2. Upgrade Seat, Improved overall handling

Finding the right seat is crucial for enhancing comfort and performance on the road. A heavy-duty seat that is wide and comfortable enough to accommodate your riding style can significantly improve your riding experience. At the same time, the seat should be designed to be relatively narrow. This design allows you to easily stand up at any time when riding off-road, providing greater control and flexibility.

The aftermarket seat cover developed by Xitomer offers an excellent solution. It features a carbon fiber for two sides that ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. The semi-grip top provides additional stability, keeping you securely in place during your rides. Furthermore, the seat is equipped with high-quality sponge padding that is softer and more comfortable than standard options. This padding enhances the overall comfort, making long rides more enjoyable and less fatiguing.

An important aspect of this seat is its ergonomic design. With a height from the ground of 33.8 inches (85 cm), it is 1 inch (2.54 cm) lower than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seat. This slight reduction in height allows for a more comfortable riding position.

  • 3. Tank and Pannier Rack: Keep Your Ride

The original fuel tank is known to be particularly small, with a capacity of only 13 liters, which is a big no-no for long-distance adventures. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to choose to replace the fuel tank with a larger one or to install a rear rack or pannier rack on the vehicle in order to carry more spare fuel tanks and luggage. In this case, the Xitomer Suzuki DR650 Pannier Racks are especially important. This side tank rack not only provides extra loading space, but also enhances the side protection of the motorcycle, making long trips safer. Designed with durability and practicality in mind, it is capable of adapting to a variety of road conditions, even the roughest off-road trails.

All in all, if you’re planning a long-distance adventure, then considering installing Xitomer Suzuki DR650 Pannier Racks is a smart choice. Not only will it expand your storage space, but it will also provide additional safety and security for a more worry-free trip.

  • 4. High-Mount Exhaust System: Enhance Ground Clearance and Protect Your Exhaust System

Boost the ground clearance of your DR650 and minimize the risk of damage to your exhaust system with a high-mount exhaust system. This becomes particularly crucial when venturing into rocky or technically challenging terrains. By equipping your motorcycle with a high-mount exhaust system, you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate demanding trails with confidence and ease.

  • 5. Suspension Upgrade: Smooth Rides and Superior Handling

When riders accelerate on the streets or navigate narrow, rugged dirt roads, the Suzuki DR650 motorcycle may feel cumbersome and difficult to control. This is particularly noticeable at high speeds or on uneven terrain, where the stock suspension system often fails to provide sufficient support and stability, negatively impacting the riding experience. In such situations, upgrading the suspension system becomes essential.

By upgrading the suspension, the vehicle’s handling and comfort can be significantly improved. An enhanced suspension system offers better shock absorption, allowing the wheels to maintain better contact with the ground on bumpy roads, thereby increasing ride smoothness and safety. High-quality suspension systems typically feature superior springs and shock absorbers that more effectively absorb road impacts, reducing rider fatigue. They also improve the vehicle’s handling and agility. Additionally, adjustable stiffness and preload settings allow the suspension to adapt to various road conditions and riding styles, enhancing overall performance. Moreover, with more effective damping and support, the suspension system can reduce wear on the frame and other components, lowering maintenance and repair costs. Upgrading the suspension system of the Suzuki DR650 is a complex but worthwhile investment that can significantly enhance the vehicle’s performance, handling, and comfort, thereby improving the overall riding experience.

  • 6. Off-Road Specific Tires or Wheels: Traction and Control

DR650 stock tires provide a comfortable riding experience with low noise and smooth performance on paved roads. However, they exhibit mediocre performance in true off-road conditions, lacking deep treads and strong traction, making it challenging to handle complex terrains. For riders seeking optimal performance, the stock tires may not fully exploit the DR650’s potential, potentially limiting overall vehicle performance.

Upgrading to specialized off-road tires or wheels is a wise choice, particularly for frequent off-road riding or those aiming for enhanced performance. These tires are crafted with durable materials and designs tailored for rugged terrains, prolonging tire lifespan. Upgraded tires offer improved responsiveness and handling, allowing the vehicle to excel in cornering, acceleration, and braking, fully unleashing the DR650’s capabilities.

  • 7. Skid Plate or Engine Guard: Safeguard Your valuable Engine

Ensure the longevity of your off-road motorcycle’s engine by equipping it with a skid plate or engine guard. This essential accessory acts as a shield, shielding your engine from potential harm caused by rocks, logs, and other obstacles encountered on the trail. Opt for a top-notch skid plate crafted from robust materials such as aluminum or steel.

For example, the Xitomer Suzuki DR650 Skid Plate1996-2024.This skid plate is made from high-strength 4mm thickeness aluminum that are able to withstand road obstacles such as rocks and branches, thus protecting the engine from damage. It is designed with a balance of strength and weight to ensure that it does not put an extra burden on your motorcycle. The best part? This simple and affordable upgrade can be easily installed in minutes.

  • 8. Hand Guards or Crash Bars: Protect Your Controls

Hand guards or crash bars offer invaluable protection for your handlebars and controls, especially in the unfortunate event of a crash. Investing in high-quality guards crafted from durable materials such as aluminum or steel ensures reliable defense against impact damage. Additionally, these guards serve as a shield against scratches or other forms of harm when loading or unloading your bike, preserving the integrity of your handlebars and controls over time. Whether you’re navigating rough terrain or simply maneuvering in tight spaces, these protective accessories provide peace of mind and safeguard your investment in your motorcycle.

  • 9. Adjustable Levers and ADV Footpegs: Find Your Comfort Zone

Adjustable levers and footpegs offer a customizable solution to optimize your riding experience according to your individual preferences and riding style. Regardless of whether you’re a tall rider seeking better ergonomics or prefer a more upright posture for enhanced control, these adjustable components allow you to tailor your riding position to your exact specifications. This versatility becomes particularly crucial during extended rides or when navigating demanding terrains, where minor adjustments can make a significant difference in comfort and performance. By fine-tuning your riding position, you not only reduce fatigue and discomfort but also gain better control and confidence, ultimately enhancing your overall riding enjoyment and safety.

  • 10.Navigation and GPS Mounts: Stay On Track

Navigation and GPS mounts serve as invaluable companions for riders exploring unfamiliar terrain. These mounts, tailored specifically for motorcycles, offer enhanced convenience by securely holding your GPS device or other navigation equipment in place. Whether you’re traversing remote trails or navigating city streets, having easy access to navigation tools can greatly improve your journey. High-quality mounts ensure reliable attachment, even in rough conditions, providing peace of mind that your device remains securely in position. With the aid of these mounts, riders can confidently explore new routes, stay on track, and avoid the pitfalls of getting lost in unfamiliar wilderness. Investing in a reliable navigation mount is not just about convenience—it’s about enhancing safety and ensuring a smooth riding experience, wherever your adventures take you.


  1. Hello! Want to by your lower seat cover and foam at 99.99$ for my suzuki dr650 2018, but i dont no how!!!! Can you help me plz ? Ty. Mario

    1. Thanks for your interest in our lower seat. Due to this product being an oversized product with limited shipping channels, it is currently only possible to sell and ship to the following countries: Australia, Canada, United States.

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